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Corvusoft supports customers in achieving successful designs by providing key technologies meeting exceptional standards.  Allowing our partners to concentrate on whats truly valuable to their customers; product functionality.



At Corvusoft Solutions, we value partnerships and collaboration.  Our strategy relies heavily on open communication.  We believe that by working together, we can discover, innovate, and develop the best value for our customers.


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With over a decade of experience working in public and private industries we've brought quality built solutions to Medical, Energy, Travel, Hospitality, Retail and Security sector problem domains.


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Our partners trust us to deliver cutting edge, reliable middle-tier software and hardware solutions, fitting into a wide range of technical domains.  Start innovating by contacting us today.


Restbed is a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that require seamless and secure communication over HTTP, with the ability to model a range of business processes, designed to target mobile, tablet, desktop and embedded production environments.

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Commercial Support
Units Tickets Anual Fee(per unit, excl. VAT)
1-3 2 £280
4-10 5 £360
>10 > AABUS
Enterprise Options
License Fee(excl. VAT)
AGPL free
LGPL £1,600
CPL £2,800